About the track

About the track – Motodrom Poreč

Everyone looking for great entertainment, interesting and safe rides can test their driving skills on our
main karting track (cca 600m long and 7 to 9m wide) and/or on a bambini track, adapted for the youngest ones.

Types of karts that we offer are: go-kart with 9, 13 and 17 hp, a two-seater, a special kart for 3 persons
as well as bambini kart for children from 6 to 12 years of age.

In the case of rain or a wet track, driving is not possible for safety reasons.
Driving is at your own risk!

Track rules

  • Each driver must wear a helmet. (We offer free helmet pods.)
  • Drivers are not allowed to drive while intoxicated.
  • Drivers must have suitable footwear (closed shoes or sneakers)
  • If a person has longer hair, it must be tied to the tail and put inside the shirt.
  • Scarves and shawls are not allowed during the ride.
  • It is necessary to remove all small items from the pockets (keys, mobile phones, glasses, coins and alike).
  • Drivers are to be reminded that brake pedal is on the left and gas pedal on the right and that they mustn’t be pressed simultaneously.
  • It is to be clarified to the drivers that fair play is of significant importance in the motorsport, i.e. that they mustn’t force each other from the track or intentionally collide.
  • In the case of vehicle failure or due to any other reason preventing the continuation of the ride, the driver will be informed they are not to exit the vehicle independently but to stop the vehicle, pull over if possible and to raise their hand in the air and await the assistance of our crew members.
  • In the case of misconduct or non-compliance with the aforementioned rules, the employee on the track has the right to warn and remove the person without money return. Safety comes first!

Flag signalization and meaning

Let faster drivers pass you

Disqualification of the driver

End of the race/ride

Danger on the road, vehicle slowing down and overtaking prohibited

Continuation of the race/ride in case it was interrupted

Termination of the race

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